magical slime parties

fabulously gooey fun for children ages 5+

At Jelly bead we wanted to create a space where it didn't matter if slime glooped through tiny hands on to the floor, or if the table was stained with bright green paint, in fact we actively want children to have messy fun! that's why our workshop creates the perfect backdrop for your little ones party. 

Choose your Slime

Our stand alone slime parties last 60 minutes, that's 60 minutes of gloopy, gooey fun!

choose from our Simple glitter and fluffy slime package or choose one of our  themed slime packages where you make two themed amazing slimes and lots of themed add ins

The slimes you choose are the slimes you and your whole party will make.

Make a note of the slime you would like to make then head over to the  booking page and fill out a party booking form here

Simple slime parties

simple slime parties are just as much fun as the theme slime parties.

Children make one glitter slime and one fluffy slime, the birthday child chooses the colours of the slime and the colour of the glitter and the scent, encouraging them to be the centre of their party.

From age 6 years | Minimum 10 children | Maximum 30 children

This party is 60 minutes long (workshop only, add 30 minutes if you require food)

Price £18 per child - workshop only 

add a food package from £5 per head

Tots Simple slime party

Our tots parties have lots of helpers to make sure everyone makes the perfect slime, children still leave with two slimes. they make one and we make the other, we play more in this party, engaging little ones with funny stories and magical tales,  glitter tattoos are included in this party!

 From age 3-5 years | minimum 6 children | Maximum 12 children

Price £18 per child - workshop only 

This party is 60 minutes long (workshop only, add 30 minutes if you require food)

add a food package from £5 per head.

Theme Slime Parties

Children make 2 slimes in the theme of their chosen party, all theme parties have a good mix of glitter slime, fluffy slime or glossy slime, if you cant see the theme your little one would like, get in touch, we can theme a bespoke party especially for you. 

Children make 2 slimes in the theme of their chosen party, all theme parties have a good mix of glitter slime, fluffy slime or glossy slime.

 From age 6  | minimum 6 children | Maximum 30 children

Price £19.50 per child - workshop only 

This party is 60 minutes long (workshop only, add 30 minutes if you require food)

add a food package from £5 per head.


Our unicorn party is the perfect mix of everything magical.
from the beautiful pastel coloured slime to the sweet bubble gum scent, oodles of glitter and a special sprinkle of magic will keep your child and their friends  enchanted all day.
Ground control to Major Tom, our galaxy slime party is an intergalactic dream.
 starlit glitter slime filled with stars, floams and more make this party perfect for any child, slimes are themed in dark blues, deep purples and orbit inspired pink.
Mermaid parties are always one of our favourites.
jade greens, clear water blues and sea shell pinks come together to create a super sea scape, combine with sequin seashells, bubble beads and glitter for the ultimate mermaid party.
Our Crystal slime is simply gorgeous! make one clear rose quartz slime and one amethyst slime.This slime contains real crystal chips!! Beautiful semi precious crystals in clear tinted slime!
who ya gonna call?
Make one oh so gloopy clear green slimer slime and one fluffy Mr Stay-puft marshmallow slime
this party is perfect for any wanna be ghostbuster

The magic of Harry potter in a slime party!
a Hedwig fluffy white slime, a purple unicorn blood slime or your very own potion slime, glitter, stars and magical spells, the most amazing party for any budding wizard.

Make dinosaur swamp slime and dino scale slime, complete with a mini dinosaur! This dinosaur slime is the ultimate in dinosaur fun.
dont forget to rrrroar!!!


Love Minecraft? our slime party take the colours from Minecraft to create a party fit for Steve,
tell us your  Minecraft stories keep us entertained with your adventures and your best builds, everything Minecraft in one fab party
fruity slime! think of the colours, think of the scents?
we have somany fruit scents to send your slime making to another level, add floams and glitter and create the perfect slime fruit cocktail for you and your friends.
Make our crystal clear ocean slime and a fluffy wave crest foamy slime, complete with sea creatures.
Summer slime has never been so good! 

Our candy slime party smells just like you could eat it,
glossy sweetie colours and super sweet scents  toasted marshmallow, candy floss, bubble gum and many more create the perfect sweet party, please note slime is non edible
Who doesnt love Peppa pig? specifically aimed at our younger customers, slime and glitter tattoos
Choose 1 of the following in this party we make a pink peppa slime, brown muddy puddle slime, blue George slime, all the fun of slime with added messy Peppa pig fun (age from 4 with extra helpers) children also take home a slime made by us (leaving with 2 slimes)

A jelly bead slime party is the best slime party any child could wish for. 

We have oodles of different coloured paint, cases of glitter, bottles and bottles of scents, everything from bubble gum, fruits, flowers and much more!!! we also have amazing add ins, we have fake snow, shaving foam, floams, clay and charms in every different shape you can imagine! from pineapples to rainbows and everything in between.

Our parties have a low minimum of 6 children and a maximum of 14 children in our workshop, we also now have use of the space in our bar next door which can hold up to 30 children.

Our pricing is transparent, you can have a workshop only or you can book a food package, choose either pizza and garlic bread, hotdogs and chips or pasta and garlic bread all freshly made in our cafe bar next door.

We also offer a range of add on services to make your party extra special, glitter tattoos, festival face glitter and don't forget our fab party bags.

Our party slots are  Saturdays 10.30 and 1:30 pm

Tues - thurs 4.00 pm

Parents can relax!

our cafe bar next doorprovides a space for parents to relax with other parents or friends while the kids get messy and are entertained by us, this works especially well for play dates and parent catch ups! Fun time for the kids and precious you time with friends and family.