Our Slime parties are so much fun!

magical slime parties

fabulously gooey fun for children ages 5+

We created our first slime parties for my own children, like so many other parents I had been warned about how messy slime can be, I had concerns for my new sofa and new carpets amongst other things.

At Jelly bead we wanted to create a space where it didn't matter if slime glooped through tiny hands on to the floor, or if the table was stained with bright green paint, in fact we actively want children to have messy fun! that's why our workshop creates the perfect backdrop for your little ones party. 

A jelly bead slime party is the best slime party any child could wish for,  we have oodles of different coloured paint, cases of glitter, bottles and bottles of scents, everything from bubble gum to ...wait for it! cheese!!! we also have amazing add ins, we have fake snow, shaving foam, floams, clay and charms in every different shape you can imagine! from pineapples to rainbows and everything in between.

Our parties have a low minimum of 4 children and a maximum of 12 children. 

we like smaller parties, so no one gets left behind.

 a party of 4 children is £120, you may add more children at £20 per child.

you can also add food to your package

PIzza £5 per child, Hotdogs and chips £6.50 per child or pasta and garlic bread at £7.00 per child.

We also offer a range of add on services o make your party extra special, glitter tattoos, festival face glitter, glitter aprons and don't forget our fab party bags.

Our party slots are 

Saturdays 10:30 am and 1:30 pm

Sundays 11:00 am 

Weds - Friday 4.30 pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday