Here's a sneak peek around our workshop

Our Studio is stacked from floor to ceiling with crafty things, oodles of paint, wool, paper, card, beads, string, water colours, markers, Posca paint pens  and much more, along with all tools we need to make amazing creations. 

Our Posca parties we have every pen from neons to metallics, pastels to warm colours, you can doodle a tote bag or doodle a canvas, we love these parties because we get to see ho creative you and your friends are!

Slime, what can i say? We have everything you could wish for! Make clear, fluffy, gloopy slime, add glitter, scents, floams and charms plus much more, we’re so proud of our slime experience, kids often say -‘we want to live here’ or ‘this is the best party ever’ as well as ‘I’m having my party here’ which in our eyes is the recipe for the perfect party!