Welcome to the ultimate Jelly Bead Party Bags extravaganza!

 Make your party unforgettable with Jelly Bead Party Bags – where sweetness and squishiness collide in the most delightful way!

 Bronze Package: Get ready for a sweet and slimy adventure with our Bronze package! Hand-packed with delicious sweeties and oozing slime, it's the perfect treat for any occasion.

£3.50 per child


Silver Package: Upgrade to our Silver package and take your party to the next level! In addition to larger sweetie bags and slime, you'll receive a fantastic keychain, slinky, mini squishy, or pop it toy to keep the fun going

£4.50 per child

Gold Package: Go for gold with our ultimate party bag! Our Gold package includes everything in the Silver package, with evenmore sweeties, PLUS a trendy scrunchie, pull back car, necklace, glider, or similar surprise to delight your guests.

£5.50 per child